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Stephen Shaw

After spending countless summers in Berchtesgaden, Stephen set up Undiscovered Berchtesgaden to share his enthusiasm for the region with visitors and help them get the most from their holiday.

Through a mix of essential guides and reports on new discoveries, our mission is to make sure that you get the most out of your trip to one of Germany and the Alps’ hidden gems.

Stephen is from the UK village of Sherington, where Oxford and Cambridge Universities once famously “buried the hatchet”. At school he spent his time interesting himself in anything dangerous (chemistry, shooting, guitars), flirting with the German language and rowing. After a three year hardship posting to the north of England (Durham University) he chased a different type of boom (and bust) in the city of London, working in stockbroking and investment banking.

Today Stephen splits his time between the UK and Berchtesgaden, where he is a certified guide for Third Reich Themes by the Munich-Berlin Institute for Contemporary History and currently working towards the German Bergwanderführer qualification. He can typically be found atop one of the many beautiful peaks that Berchtesgadenerland National Park has to offer.