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Discover one of Germany’s hidden treasures

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Undiscovered Berchtesgaden helps you get the most from your visit to Berchtesgaden, the Eagle’s Nest, Lake Königssee and Berchtesgaden’s salt mine.

Looking for accommodation, dining and activity ideas? Discover even more with our online guides and the stories behind the local businesses that call Berchtesgaden home.

The Eagle’s Nest

Experience an unforgettable journey on Germany’s highest alpine road to the Eagle’s Nest. Breathtaking views and a rich history await!

Lake Königssee

Take a trip across the most picturesque glacial lake in Europe, flanked by the tallest mountain within Germany: the Watzmann

Berchtesgaden’s Salt Mine

Explore the network of tunnels beneath the Berchtesgaden Alps where salt has been mined for over 500 years

Berchtesgaden Town

Wander through the idyllic streets of down town Berchtesgaden and enjoy picture perfect views before an authentic Bavarian dinner


Berchtesgaden’s mix of authentic alpine guest houses and modern hotels have all bases covered when it comes to accommodation for your visit


Whether avantgarde or something more traditionally Bavarian, Berchtesgaden has a perfect blend of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets


Explore Germany’s only alpine national park from a new perspective; rickshaws, rafts, paragliding, helicopter rides, anything is possible

Our Berchtesgaden Partners

Undiscovered Berchtesgaden is proud to work with a rich mix of local and online businesses to make sure you get the most out of your trip

Kayak is a travel search company that can help you find flights and car hire to complement your trip to Berchtesgaden.

Many of the businesses behind our discoveries are also on Tripadvisor, if you enjoy visiting why not leave them a nice review?