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The Berchtesgadener Esszimmer

Where else can you sit at one of two intimate tables overlooking the kitchen in a Michelin green starred restaurant? If you’re visiting Berchtesgaden and are looking for an exceptionally high-quality and sustainable dining experience, look no further than Maximilian Kühbeck’s Berchtesgadener Esszimmer.

The colourful and ornately decorated exterior of the Berchtesgadener Esszimmer hints at the building’s long history. Records indicate that the structure is over 500 years old and that the dwelling was used as a guest house as long ago as 1883, hence the wonderful “Gästhaus Nonntal” sign proudly displayed between the beautiful window surrounds that enrich the historic façade of the building.

The “Gasthaus Nonntal” dates back to 1883 and is where the Berchtesgadener Esszimmer can be found today

Owner and chef Maximilian Kühbeck established his new restaurant here in 2016. Entering through the striking red marble entrance portal, you’ll feel like part of the family as Kühbeck’s wife, Roxana, seats you either in the intimate vaulted main dining room or at the kitchen table, to watch Chef Kühbeck at work. 

The dishes that the Berchtesgadener Esszimmer offer aim to be regional but with an ambitious twist; there are two set menus, one of which is vegetarian, plus an à la carte selection, often offering a more cosmopolitan take on regional favourites.

The origin and quality of his raw ingredients is always Chef Kühbeck’s top priority. Nearly everything on your plate will have only travelled around 20km (12 miles) from his trusted network of local producers, such is Chef Kühbeck’s commitment to quality and ensuring his restaurant is run as sustainably as possible.

The Berchtesgadener Esszimmer was awarded a Michelin Green Star in 2021

Combining this with a passionate focus for crafting unique interpretations of traditional dishes, it’s no surprise that the Berchtesgadener Esszimmer was awarded a Michelin Green star in 2021 and is also proud to have been certified organic since 2022. To quote Chef Kühbeck: Our motto is “Quality through regionality”.

His unrelenting pursuit of sustainability and quality has culminated in being granted membership of the exclusive Toques D’Or in 2022. Chef Kühbeck again, “This is one of the greatest honours as a chef. It is neither possible to apply nor register as a Toques D’Or Chef. It’s a calling!”

When dining at the Berchtesgadener Esszimmer you’ll typically be part of an intimate service of around 10 – 15 people each evening, offering the chance to observe the skill and attention that goes into each dish before it arrives and to savour the atmosphere that this unique venue has to offer.

We recommend booking well in advance as this really is one of Berchtesgaden’s hidden culinary gems!

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All images reproduced by kind permission of Maximilian Kühbeck / Berchtesgadener Esszimmer